Myopia 360 Control optical Lens

Myopia control eyeglasses lenses. It is an innovative spectacle lens for myopia control, and designed for teenagers under 18. It uses three core technologies to control myopia progression, and provides clear vision and myopic defocus simultaneously at all viewing distances.

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Packaging Details 1.56 hmc lens packing: envelops packing (For choice):  1)standard white envelops 2)OEM with customer's LOGO, have MOQ requirement cartons: standard cartons:50CM*45CM*33CM(Every carton can include around 500 pairs lens,21KG/CARTON) Port:SHANGHAI
1. Myopia Control Single Vision Lenses 2. Assisting with Myopia Management in Children 3. Maximum Visual Comfort 4. Periphery of the Lens is Responsible for Controlling Myopia 5. Centre of the Lenses Corrects the Child's Myopia and Ensures Clear Distance Vision 6. Blue Filter Monomer, Protect Children's eyes from Harmful Blue Light
Refractive Index 1.553
UV Cut 385-445nm
Abbe Value 37
Specific Gravity 1.28
Surface Design Aspheric
Power Range -6/-2
Coating Choice
Not Recommended
Myopia defocus control technology is the answer. Well from the pictures above you can find -- it can change the way light focuses on the retina between the central and peripheral retinal areas.  Peripheral defocus theory suggests that this designs work at controlling myopia because they create that all important peripheral myopic defocus, interrupting the feedback loop for the eye to continue lengthening that is our bane in glasses and single vision lens wear.(2) Central refractive correction technology According to the imaging theory of emmetropia, the core optical zone of the YOULI myopia control lens is around 12mm, and the luminosity is basically not reduced. The retina forms a clear object image to achieve the refractive correction effect. How Blue Light Reducing Lenses Can Help Blue light reducing lenses are created using a patented pigment that is added directly to the lens before the casting process. That means the blue light reducing material is part of the entire lens material, not just a tint or coating. This patented process allows blue light reducing lenses to filter a higher amount of both blue light and UV light.① Center circle: photometric core area ②Two circles and three circles: the gradual change area of light, the circle shows that our luminosity is decreasing in circle ③ 360: 360-degree diminishing luminosity change ④ 1.56/1.60: Refractive index ⑤Great cross: not a horizontal reference line for processing, not an axis position, the luminosity changes to the surroundings(3) Does YOULI myopia control lens block blue light? The answer is YES. Blue light is divided into two parts: harmful blue light and beneficial blue light according to different wave bands. YOULI myopia control lens has intelligent blue light protection. It uses a substrate absorption technology to add a UV420 blue light absorption factor to the substrate to filter harmful blue light and retain beneficial blue light.

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