1.56 Blue Block UV420 photochromic photo grey optical lens

Most people buy photochromic lenses to ease the transition from artificial (indoor) to natural (outdoor) lighting. Because photochromic lenses have the ability to darken in the sunlight while providing UV protection, they eliminate the need for prescription sunglasses. Plus, photochromic lenses have a third benefit: They block blue light — both from the sun and from your digital screens.

Products Details

Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China Brand Name: Convox
Model Number: 1.56 BLUE BLOCK PHOTOCHROMIC GREY SHMC Lenses Material: Resin
Vision Effect: Single Vision Coating: HMC
Lenses Color: Clear Product Name: 1.56 blue block pgx shmc optical lens
Other name: 1.56 blue cut pgx shmc Design: Aspheric
Material: NK-55 Color: Clear
Multi color: GREEN/BLUE Transmittance: 98~99%
Abrasion Resistance: 6~8H HS CODE: 90015099
Port: Shanghai Diameter: 65/70/75mm
Packaging Details Finish Lens Packing: Envelops packing (For choice): 1)standard white envelops 2)OEM with customer's LOGO, have MOQ requirement Cartons: Standard cartons:50CM*45CM*33CM(Every carton can include around 500 pairs lens,21KG/CARTON) Port Shanghai Picture Example:

Where is Blue Light in life?

As laptops, tablets and smartphones have become more and more integrated into our daily lives, it makes sense to be aware of any potential negative effects they might have on our health. You’ve likely heard the term ‘blue light’ being bandied about, with suggestions it contributes to all kinds of nasties: from headaches and eye strain to straight-up insomnia.

Why we need blue block lens?

UV420 Blue Block Lens is a new generation of lens that takes a sophisticated approach to filtering the high-energy blue light emitted by artificial lighting and digital devices without distorting color vision. The aim of UV420 Blue Block Lens is to improve visual performance and eye protection with an advanced anti-reflection technology, allowing you to enjoy the following benefits:

What Blue Block Lenses by Convox Actually Do?

1) Blue cut lenses protect your eyes from the harmful effects of blue light caused by prolonged working hours on a computer, laptop or mobile. 
2) Lower risk of certain types of cancer. 
3) Lower risk of Diabetes, Heart Disease & Obesity. 
4) Make you feel engertic when you finish the long time working before the computer. 
5)Make your eyes turn tried slowly.
Hard coating: make the uncoated lenses are easily subjicted andexposed to scratches AR coating/Hard multi coating: protect the lens effectively from reflection, enhance functional and charity of your vision Super hydrophobic coating: make the lens waterproof, antistatic, anti slip and oil resistanceIndex: 1.499, 1.56,1.60, 1.67, 1.71,1.74, 1.76,1.59 PC Polycarbonate 1.Single Vision Lenses 2. Bifocal/Progressive lenses 3. Photochromic Lenses 4. Blue Cut Lenses 5. Sunglasses/Polarized lenses 6. Rx lenses for single vision, bifocal, freeform progressive AR treatment: Anti-fog, Anti-Glare, Anti-virus, IR, AR coating color.

Photochromic lenses block blue light from screens

Are photochromic lenses good for computer use? Absolutely! Although photochromic lenses were designed for a different purpose, they do have blue light blocking capabilities. While UV light and blue light are not the same thing, blue light can still be harmful to your eyes, especially through prolonged exposure to digital screens and direct sunlight. All invisible and partially visible light can have negative side effects to your eye health. Photochromic lenses protect against the highest energy level on the light spectrum, which means they also protect against blue light and are great for computer use.    

Side effects of blue light

Blue light, emitted from the digital screens we’ve become so attached to, not only causes eye strain (which can lead to headaches and blurry vision) but also disrupts your sleep cycle. In small amounts, blue light can actually offer positive side effects, like helping you get better sleep, but most of us don’t practice moderation when it comes to screen time. Here’s a comprehensive list of the side effects of blue light:
  • Cataracts: You may have heard that sun exposure can lead to cataracts, but blue light also produces the same cells that lead to this vision-debilitating eye condition.
  • Macular degeneration: Blue light can also cause retinal damage, which has been linked to macular degeneration.
  • Dry eyes: When you look at digital screens, which emit heavy doses of blue light, you blink less often (even less so if you wear contacts), causing insufficient moisture production in your eyes.
  • Digital eye strain: Constant blue light exposure can cause strain on your ciliary and extraocular muscles.
  • Blurry vision: When your ciliary and extraocular muscles weaken, it can cause your vision to blur. The slackening of these muscles is a side effect of digital eye strain, caused by blue light.
  • Headaches: The strain to see when your eyes are fatigued and your vision is blurry can also cause headaches.
  • Insomnia: There’s a reason it takes you so long to fall asleep after playing on your phone in bed — and it’s not just that the content is stirring. Blue light can make it difficult to fall asleep.
  • Restless sleep: Even if you’re able to fall asleep in a relatively short amount of time, blue light can rob you of the vital rest that sleep should provide.
When you wear photochromic lenses, you’re not just reaping the benefits of convenience; you’re guarding your eyes against detrimental over-exposure to blue light.

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