Slow down the deepen of myopia

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Through the 360-degree circular focus, combined with the natural adjustment of the eyes, it can most effectively relieve eye fatigue and control eye axis elongation. Doing eye exercises pretty much ever y moment.● Adopt peripheral defocus control technology to correct central vision and peripheral vision at the same time, effectively restrain children's eye axis from becoming longer and slow down the development of myopia.
● It is a unique single vision lens with no obvious aberration zone, and has good adaptability and wearability.
● Compared with ordinar y single vision lenses, the lenses are lighter and more comfortable.Relieve eyesight fatigue and prevent the degree of deepening It breaks the characteristics of increased edge power of spherical lens and small edge aberration of ASP lens. 360-degree circular zoom is from the center of the lens to the peripheral direction.
The greater the degree of the lens, the larger the lens zoom cur vature (automatic adjustment 25-200 degrees) Due to the adjustment of the eyes and the reduction of the power around the lens, the thinner the edge of the lens, the smaller the prism power, which reduces eye fatigue during reading and writing, so that the power of the eyes is not easy to deepen, and the eye axis is not easy to grow.The ring focus lens reduces the defocus of the para-center and reduces the form deprivation of the visual blind zone. It has a wide field of vision, makes it more comfortable to wear and see, relieves eye fatigue, indirectly improves students' reception function in class, and their grades continue to rise.
When looking at objects at a distance of 5 meters, the eyes do not need adjustment. When looking at fonts at a close distance (33mm), the adjustment of the eyes is 300 degrees. When a 300-degree myopia patient reads and writes without glasses, he can see the font of the book clearly without eye adjustment, and the patient's near vision is normal. If you are equipped with 300-degree myopia glasses, you need 300-degree adjustment to see the font clearly when you read and write at close range. This increases the adjustment load of the eyes. After a long time, the eyes are prone to fatigue, the axis of the eyes is forced to elongate, and the degree of myopia will be deepened. Therefore, ordinar y lenses (spherical surface, aspherical surface) are an important factor (especially adolescents) that causes myopic patients to use their eyes at close range and increase the degree of myopia.

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