Progressive multi focus series

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Wide far light zone
Make the eye and head browse wider, and ensure that teenagers' outdoor activities are not restricted. Ultra-wide and clear near-use zone
Make young people's eyes comfortable when reading and writing, and can browse the page in a wide range. Channel and Progressive Light Band
It can match the eye traces of young people and more effectively balance the contradiction between wearing adaptation and myopia effect. Suitable for assembling smaller children's frames
Forcing young people must maintain the correct posture reading to get the full clear vision, which helps correct poor sitting posture and reading habits.Eye balance design The binocular balance design makes the near eye point of the lens move inward, which is more suitable for young wearers with insufficient collection. Turning the eyeball up and down realizes looking far and near, and can easily switch instantly to achieve a clear and comfortable visual experience. Reading and doing homework for a long time without getting dizzy, keeping your eyes around 30 cm homework , reading distance will no longer tilt your head to write, no longer tilt your head to read a book!Scientific lenses tailored for children The intelligent digital design has higher precision, corrects the difference in the peripher y of the lens, and removes the residual astigmatism caused by gradual progress, wider field of view, and more comfortable wearing. The ultra-short channel design fully considers the sitting and reading postures of Chinese students, and especially provides an 11mm ultra-small progressive design, which can provide students with a more effective use area. In addition, the high refractive index above 155 and the intimate design with a minimum frame height of only 24mm greatly reduces the pressure on the young face caused by the frame. descr2Relieve visual fatigue 1. Distant zone, near zone, intermediate zone (transition zone), aberration zone (sitting bridge positive zone) 2. The distant zone is specially used for viewing distant.
3. The near zone is used for reading and writing, which can change the symptoms of increasing visual fatigue caused by direct viewing at a distance with the luminosity in the past.
4. Progressive zone, so that the wearer can obtain continuous clear vision from far to near.

Schematic diagram of juvenile progressive lenses

● It is specially developed and designed for teenagers, taking full consideration of factors such as the structure of their eyeballs, their daily active lifestyles and reading patterns. Effectively relieve eyesight fatigue and correct sitting posture.

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