1.59 PC Progressive HMC optical lens

What are the advantages and disadvantages of polycarbonate spectacle lenses?

Polycarbonate lenses are made by injection moulding. These lenses have good impact resistance and therefore are ideal for children, sports and industrial purposes. It also has good UV protection and a higher refractive index than CR39. The disadvantages of polycarbonate lenses include the fact that their abrasion resistance is poor, but when an anti scratch coating is added to this the impact resistance is reduced slightly. These types of lenses cannot be tinted easily.

Products Details

Index 1.59 Diameter 75 MM
Monomer 75 MM Monomer Polycarbonate
Corridor Length 28 Abbe Value 37.5
Specific Gravity 1.28 Transmission >98%
Power Range SPH: 0.00~+2.00, ADD: ADD+1.00~+3.00
Packaging Details 1.56 hmc lens packing: envelops packing (For choice):  1)standard white envelops 2)OEM with customer's LOGO, have MOQ requirement cartons: standard cartons:50CM*45CM*33CM(Every carton can include around 500 pairs lens,21KG/CARTON) Port:SHANGHAI
Progressive lenses address separate visual needs in one lens – usually with a "distance viewing" field build into the upper portion of the lens and a "near vision" field built into the lower portion. Rather than a line separating these areas, they are "blended" together, often with the middle portion of the lens serving as intermediate vision correction when necessary.♦ Polycarbonate lenses are more durable than regular plastic, very lightweight.shatter-proof. ♦ Polycarbonate lenses are also shatter-proof, have the best impact resistance of any lens material. Many eye doctors choose to use only polycarbonate lenses for children's glasses. Since the lenses are shatter-proof, a child's eyes won't be damaged by shards of flying glass or plastic if the glasses are hit hard by a ball or a bat. ♦ They also have built-in ultraviolet (UV) protection to protect the eyes from the sun's harmful rays. ♦ Safety sports frames are made to hold up to high impact from fast-moving balls or heavy racquets. Polycarbonate will reduce injury from the frames themselves.
Hard Coating (HC) Hard Multi Coating(HMC/ AR) Super Hydrophobic Coating(SHMC)
To enhancethe hardness of the lens to prevent the substrate scratch To protect the lens effectively from reflection To make the lens waterproof, antistatic, anti slip and oil
Diameter (mm) Base Curve(D) Sage @50mm(mm) Sage @40mm(mm) Center Thickness (mm) Edge Thickness (mm) True Curve @1.530(D) RXTrue Curve @1.530(D) Back Curve (D)
75MM 2.75D 1.73±0.01 1.12±0.01 10.6±0.15 12.5±1.15 2.75±0.05 2.90±0.05 4.25
4.75D 2.85±0.01 0.84±0.01 12.5±0.15 10.5±1.15 4.75±0.05 4.81±0.05 4.25
6.75D 3.98±0.01 2.55±.001 9.5±0.15 8.1±0.15 6.75±0.05 7.0±0.05 6.25

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